By empowering talent, we implement positive change

Butterfly Works is a social innovation studio that creates education and communication projects in emerging economies. We are born in the world of design thinking and matured in the field of international development.

Building on 15 years of experience in over 25 countries, we apply the most effective tools and methods from the creative sector to social issues worldwide. We connect people with different backgrounds and viewpoints, while we tap into opportunities in ICT, education and design. This is what sparks new ideas, and that is how we create social innovations.

From working all over the world, we see that bright, creative and motivated people are everywhere. We know how to find them and ensure they are at the heart of the design process. By co-creating together with users, every solution is based on shared values and user needs. It means that no project is copy-paste, but always tailor-made – and human centred.

Have a look at some of our projects, read more about the way we work, or meet our committed team.


  • Co-creation workshop
  • Expert meeting at Butterfly Works' studio
  • Co-creation in Pakistan