C’est la Vie +

An alternate reality game to break the taboo on gender based violence

Presentation during the co-creation workshop


Gender based violence is often a great taboo in Francophone Africa. Butterfly Works was asked to develop a solution that appeals to youth.

C’est la Vie+

C’est la Vie+ is an alternate reality game based on the the popular C’est la Vie TV series. The series consists of 26 episodes and triggers a debate on gender based violence, sexuality education and reproductive health. Together with partners we extended the storylines to create C’est la Vie+, a game with more characters, more stories and more juicy details. Viewers’ engagement unlocks a world beyond the TV series by joining the game, winning prizes and uncovering hints. Through open discussions and gameplays, young people are encouraged to think, talk and act against gender based violence. Viewers become participants and the C’est la Vie TV series becomes a call for action.

Project development

To appeal to young people, C’est la Vie+ is made relevant to their way of experiencing the world. We achieved this by involving youth, story makers, media companies and the Senegalese NGO RAES in a co-creation process. The game is played on the media young people use, adopting texts and images that attract them, while discussing topics that they struggle with. The biggest possible audience is reached through a true mixed media approach – from TV to internet, a Facebook community and mobile phones.


All countries in francophone Africa (2015)


ONG Raes, Keewu, Canal+ Africa (A+), TV5 Africa, Frabsnap, Joel Vegt Design and SOCIALR.

Results so far

The C’est la Vie+ dialogues and the gameplays are now completely finished and the videos are all filmed. Over the summer of 2015 the platform was developed. The series started broadcasting in September 2015 and we now see the first players playing the game.




Do you want to know about how we use our co-creation method in the projects? Download our white paper here

If you are a company, foundation, design studio or working in the field of maternal health, gender rights, SRHR or gender based violence and you think that women around you might benefit from C’est la Vie + please contact us.