Learning about Living

Youth exploring and discussing questions about sexual health

  • Learning about Living student in Senegal
  • Cambodian students of Smart Youth Good Future
  • Classroom with Learning about Living students and trainers in Cambodia
  • Learning about Living students in Nigeria

How it started

Many countries find it hard to reach and engage youth in life skills and sexual health curricula. Butterfly Works was asked, first in Nigeria, to make the curriculum more youth friendly.

Learning about Living

Learning about Living is an interactive eLearning curriculum and an SMS helpline on topics such as puberty, relationships, self-esteem, HIV/Aids and gender issues. Teachers are supported by digital peer educators and can refer to images and dialogues in the program. It becomes easier for them to speak about sexual topics, and easier for students to explore the many questions they have. The curriculum is available both on- and offline, responding to low internet coverage in certain regions. No need for teachers to struggle explaining taboo topics, no need for students to be left with unanswered questions.

Co-creation process

The challenge with Learning about Living is finding a way to engage and excite students about the curriculum. Through workshops with youth we explore their world and find the questions they have. Learning about Living has been implemented in five countries. Each time we adapt the program to the context of the country; adjusting animations, info cartoons, games and quizzes. We might even decide to record audio files if there are high instances of illiteracy. That, and more, to ensure kids find it easy and fun to explore their sexual health.


Nigeria (2006), Senegal (2010), Mali (2012) and Cambodia (2013)


OneWorld UK, the local Ministry of Education and/or Health, Hensel Hosting local NGOs specialised in SRHR, Oxfam Novib, teacher and parent organisations, local youth, illustrators, developers, writers and animators.

Results so far

Since the start of Learning about Living in Nigeria in 2006, we have co-created Learning about Living solutions in Senegal (2010), Mali (2012), Cambodia (2013) and Benin (2017). In Nigeria Learning about Living is taken over by the Nigerian government in 2012 and has since then become part of the national curriculum on SRHR. In 2015 additional lessons for Cambodia are being made.


Do you want to know more about how we use our method in the projects? Download our white paper here.

If you are a company, foundation, design studio or working in the field of SRHR, HIV/AIDS prevention, gender rights or maternal health, and you think that the young adults around you might benefit from Learning about Living, please contact inspire@butterflyworks.org