Play the Secret of Arabia Felix

What are the small things that normal people can do to contribute to peace? And how can people be inspired to do this? With these questions in mind Butterfly Works was hired by GIZ Germany to lead the co-creation of a mobile peace game. The result: Secret of Arabia Felix, an adventure travelling from conflict to peace. By going through the levels, players go from conflict to disarmament, peace keeping, dialogue, reconciliation and a celebration of diversity. Just as exciting as the game, is our international team. Yemeni writers, a Jordanian visual artist, an English Greek sound designer, game designers in the Netherlands and a client in Germany, all tied together in constant co-creation and repeated feedback loops led by Butterfly Works. Even in a time of war, it has been possible to co-create a complete game in a remote process. Final testing with the target group is happening as we speak. Look out for this game on the Play Store in the next couple of weeks.

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