Prototypes are cheap and quick versions of a final product that allow for testing certain assumptions. They are smaller in scope and therefore require less investment. Prototyping offers the possibility to make something tangible in practically no-time, while also visualising ideas and making it easier to communicate them with others for feedback. Whether it is a paper prototype of a mobile application or an audio file for a digital teacher curriculum, we know that testing early drafts make the final product better.

That’s why we hosted an inspiration session on the topic. We invited four creatives to share their thoughts on prototyping with us; the process they go through as well as the challenges they face. What are good prototypes for them and how do they use them? After their presentations they let us experience how they do prototyping and how it brings you in a different mindset. The sessions showed how prototyping is most powerful when it is used as a discussion starter rather than a final check; a strong recommendation for everyone to do more prototyping earlier on.

Learn more about prototyping with this recap from our prototyping inspiration session

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